i heart rock: rock is the total work of art

Published by: Arts Project Australia | 7-Oct-2016
How can nostalgia, homage, celebrity culture and the cult of fandom articulate the links between music and art making? At Arts Project Australia contemporary artists investigate the relationships between rock and art via the images and visions that both underpin, and are inspired by, rock music. @artsprjoectaust #iheartrock #artsprojectaust
Venue: Arts Project Australia
Address: 24 High St Northcote VIC 3070 Australia
Date: Saturday October 22
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Ticket: Free
Buy / Ticket: https://www.facebook.com/artsprojectaustralia/
: https://www.facebook.com/artsprojectaustralia/
: https://twitter.com/artsprojectaust
EMail: tiarney.miekus@artsproject.org.au
Opening Saturday 22 October, i heart rock (rock is the total work of art) displays the work of Arts Project Australia artists alongside well-known Australian artists to investigate the relationships between contemporary art and rock music through rock's icons, fandom, nostalgia and artistic homage.

Curated by Emma Busowsky Cox, Curator at Castlemaine Art Museum, i heart rock considers the links between visual art, rock music and audience experience via the images, tropes and emotional appeal of icons such as Elvis, KISS and Johnny Cash, who sit alongside the Kim Salmon's Rock 'n' Roll visual diary and the audio-visual work of The Kingpins' Men's Club (2001) which, like many of the exhibition works, thinks through rock music's widespread social and cultural implications.

"It's a pleasure to have Emma Busowsky Cox curating an exhibition which playfully elaborates on the relationship between rock music and contemporary art and their wide social and culture threads. Ultimately the exhibition thinks through ideas of our widespread rock culture and fandom to explore how they influence our relationship to rock music," said Gallery Manager Sim Luttin.

"Often rock music is viewed as something purely sonic, rather than visual, and i heart rock not only blends these two art forms to show their intersections, but also imagines a dialogue between the contemplative 'high art' of the gallery with the noisy commercial culture of rock music."

Traversing a variety of forms including paintings, pastels, installations and sculpture, the exhibition features the work of Colleen Ahern, Peter Ben, Jon Campbell, Dionne Canzano, Boris Cipusev, Alan Constable, Steve Cox, Patrick Francis, Minna Gilligan, Bronwyn Hack, Julian Martin, Nell, Cam Noble, Jodie Noble, Polixeni Papapetrou, Anthony Romagnano, Cathy Staughton, The Kingpins, The Sisters Hayes (with Dionne Canzano), Amani Tia, Kim Salmon and Jenny Watson.

Each year, Arts Project Australia invites exciting and prominent curators to work with Arts Project Australia to curate an exhibition that places the work of Arts Project studio artists alongside the work of other Australian contemporary artists in our Northcote gallery space "“ i heart rock (rock is the total work of art) is the second externally curated exhibition of 2016.

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