Published by: HUMANITY PORTRAITS | 16-Oct-2017
WOMEN'S PORTRAIT PROJECT: We stand as witnesses to this age. We represent this place and time that will never again repeat. Each woman's story causes ripples that turn into waves. This is a fundraising project to help local women's charities and their programs.
Venue: ArtSHINE Gallery
Address: 3 Blackfriars Street Chippendale, NSW 2008 - Australia
Date: Dec 1st
Time: 6pm - 9 pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 450323481
The portraits of these women are an observation of women and their unique stories through portraits. We stand strong and beautiful. We bring light and encouragement to women of all ages to take control of there own future through education and understanding. This is to be an ongoing project. We have started in Sydney and will continue adding to the collection through our travels. All proceeds from the ArtShine Gallery show will be donated to Mary's House Sydney. Please donate through this link to help in covering costs. *Thank you to all the beautiful women who have participated. Anyone interested in sponsoring to this positive project please contact us. We are looking for framers, print company for our photos, wine and beer or any creative help email or call. Together we can create an exhibition that spreads love and unity.

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