Humanity is groping unsteadily from darkness to light, but is generating too much heat in the process...

Published by: Ness Alexandra | 5-Mar-2016
"Dark Light" is a suite of monotype prints by award winning artist, Jeremy Barrett, that are aesthetically elegant and that conceptually signify the passing of time.
Venue: Cambridge Studio Gallery
Address: 52 Cambridge St, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
Date: 30 March to 17 April, 2016
Time: 12 to 5pm, Weds to Suns
Ticket: Free
Call: 03 9486 0169
Jeremy Barrett, award winning artist, represented in numerous public and private collections including the Australian National Gallery and The Victorian National Gallery, will be exhibiting his latest work, Dark Light at Cambridge Studio Gallery.

Fresh from his successful exhibition at the Castlemaine regional gallery last year Jeremy is showing a series of monotype prints that focus on the balance between control and freedom of expression. He depicts control through restricted colour palettes but also expresses freedom through evocative colour combinations. - reflecting his major artistic influences, Josef Albers and Mark Rothko.

Dark Light, the title, alludes to the graduation between darkness and lightness. "Figuratively, we use the dark-light metaphor in the contexts of the human condition: expressions such as "dark forces", "enlightenment", "the dark ages", "the light of understanding", come to mind. Humanity, it seems, is still groping unsteadily from darkness towards the light, but is generating too much heat in the process."

This suite of prints is not only aesthetically elegant but also conceptually it signifies the passage of time. It is recommended viewers spend time with these colour abstractions, allowing the images to work their magic, a lot like the transcendental quality that Rothko intended with his chapel works.

Opening drinks: Saturday 2 April, 2 "“ 4pm, 2016

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