How YAJA (Young Art Journalism Awards) can help promote your business, project or artwork.

Published by: YAJA | 11-Jan-2017
YAJA is a new innovative awards concept giving journalism, media and art students the opportunity to showcase their talent in capturing art and culture in a creative way. Did you know that you can offer media opportunities to students. @YAJATALK #YAJATALK

How does it work

Why use YAJA?

  • Gain exposure to a large international audience passionate about the arts
  • Benefit from native advertising
  • Creation of shareable content for your digital channels

We welcome your engagement, supporting YAJA and students passionate about journalism and copywriting.

Industry support is important, as it will enable us to run the project and to reward students for their efforts.

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Recent Case Studies

"Fuck fear, Let's Dance": The fearless face behind the "design revolution" of Malaysia

By Abhinay Lakshman / University of Newcastle, Australia
(Winner of People"s Choice Award 2016)

Abhinay"s article is about the design revolution in Malaysia sparked by a corruption scandal instantly went viral on social media.

Within one month the entry had:

1,000+ Shares on Facebook
1,000+ page views
600+ page views from Malaysia

Women in Ancient Times

By Melina Livermore, St. Lawrence College, Canada
(Winner of Editor"s Choice Award 2016)

Melina"s article discusses the role of women in art history.

Outcome: 1,800+ page views. The most read article on ART NEWS PORTAL in 2016

Recent Graduate Sandra Di Francesco

Master of Arts (Media and Communication) at Swinburne University

We first met Sandra at a YAJA networking event in Melbourne.

Sandra is a recent graduate and a talented journalist currently looking for work opportunities in the media industry.

When we received a media invitation from The PR Group to write about Redbubble's Made in House Pop-Up Exhibition - Melbourne, we thought this would be a great opportunity for Sandra.

We put her in contact with The PR Group to discuss the details.

Her article "Profile of Redbubble artist Ruta Dumalakaite" became a YAJA entry and - like all other entries - was also published on the Art News Portal at, as well as in news feeds and on all related social channels.

Feedback from The PR Group on working with YAJA: "The YAJA awards is such a great initiative for students so thanks again for the opportunity and thanks for being so responsive too!"

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