How Art Can Change Your Life

Published by: Marcus F | 18-Oct-2017
New book suggests that there is more to art than entertainment and escape
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SYDNEY, 19 October - For those who assume that art does not fall into the "urgent and important" quadrant of priorities, a new book "How Art Can Change Your Life: Life lessons from artists past and present" by Sydney-based writer, Ivan Fernandez may be a happy discovery.

This book goes beyond mere art appreciation and asks: "Is art just a nice-to-have? Or is it deeper, far more integral...even necessary? Is there something from Beethoven to help us with that career setback? Is there something from Shakespeare to help us with our relationships? Is there something from Rembrandt to show us who we really are?"

Relevant to both layman and professional artist, the book follows the author"s conversations with over 40 contemporary Australian artists (painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, teachers, poets, designers, curators).

Ivan says: "Art is a source of inspiration, insight, joy; it expands our consciousness, takes us to new levels of awareness. It can be a "changeless friend" through life"s twists and turns. The artist is insider and outsider at the same time. That is what makes artistic contributions so unique. But the aura of mystery around the artistic process distances us from art and prevents us from deriving and applying any insight from art to our lives."

The good news is that the examples highlighted in the book suggest that art is much more than the mere creative manifestation of human genius. It means much more than the pleasure or enjoyment it brings. The book dips into a diverse range of creative pursuits - painting, music, literature, architecture, sculpture, photography and films; spanning cultures - from Europe and Africa to India and Australia, and artistic periods - from the ancient to the modern.

Ivan draws on his own experience as a researcher, musician, painter, photographer and writer, on the insights from contemporary artists across Australia, as well as the life lessons from creative geniuses through the ages.

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