HOMELESS International free streaming art exhibition

Published by: Lys d'Or | 19-Oct-2018
Lys d'Or presents selected works by international artists who answered to the open call "Homeless" as Deprivation of access to housing Extreme form of social exclusion, Extreme form of discrimination, Loss of dignity


Dedicated to those who have no home, "home" also intended as a place to live with dignity.

- CD "Impronte di Calliope" 2009'
Where is my home?
In the sky?
Into the Sun?
In the rain?
Under the ground?
Into the grave?
In my ancient memory?
In my lost memory?
Lying on the grass?
Across the river
Between the grains of the sand?
Nomadic on the road?
Nomadic into people's thoughts?
Crystallized in your memory?
Far away from the World?
Out of the Earth?

Art exhibition direct link https://lysdorart.wixsite.com/lysdorgroupshows/homeless
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