Highlighting Artist ~ KRISTINE BALLARD and her signature style "Fragmatism"

Published by: Mickie with ArtSHINE Gallery in Chippendale | 27-Apr-2017
WHAT IS FRAGMATISM? (frag - ma - tism) (Quoted the artist Kristine Ballard for the best definition below) "An artistic style based on the concept that our perceptions are often a compilation of reality and experience. What we remember is a morphed idea of the truth. Images disintegrate and fragment on the picture plane. Objects decompose and merge into one another. Colour combinations are restricted, to create an emotive response. An amalgamated approach derived from the cubists deconstruction process, the orphic explorations of the Fauves and the Nabi"s endeavour to synthesise nature and aesthetics. This practice aims to capture mood through heightened sensations of form and colour." ~ KRISTINE BALLARD #artshinegallery #fragmatism #artshineindustries
Venue: ArtSHINE Gallery
Address: 3 Blackfriars Street / Chippendale / Sydney
Time: Opening Hours Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 05:00PM Saturday - Sunday 11:00AM - 3.00PM
Ticket: Free
Web: https://www.artshinegallery.com/artist/?id=316
: https://www.artshinegallery.com/
: https://www.instagram.com/artshinegallery/
: http://artshineindustries.com/
EMail: gallery@artshine.com.au
Call: 02 9698 9156
Kristine Ballard signature style fragmatism captures the viewer with the use of dynamic design in the compositions. Having a Bachelor of Design at the University of Newcastle with a background of corporate graphic design, she creates a balance and movement in her art pieces. Ballard brings her travels from Spain, France, The United States and Fiji to inspire her for the collection Paradise. Her collection brings a new meaning for colour as she places a methodical approach to the placement of the paint. The dance that she creates with her strokes has an energy that brings forth a life of their own. In 2007 Ballard went full time as a fine artist with the help of coaching from ArtSHINE. Ballard has exhibitions internationally and nationally she even makes time for workshops that are coming up. Feel free to contact us in an email for more information on dates and times. ArtSHINE Gallery online link below will lead you to her portfolio. Purchase online or email to see the piece in person at the gallery. email: gallery@artshine.com.au

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