Highlight Western Zodiac Collection by Arvee Gibson: ONLINE EXHIBTION curated by ArtSHINE

Published by: Catherine Burns | 24-Apr-2020
ArtSHINE would like to exclusively invite you to view the artworks by Arvee Gibon in thePrivate Gallery. HIGHLIGHT WESTERN ZODIAC COLLECTION. BY ARVEE GIBSON. Online Exhibition Private viewing runs: 1 April -30 June 2020.
COPY THIS LINK VIEWING GALLERY: https://www.artgalleria.com/enter-code/38490/ef8df92e/start

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About the exhibition

The Word Horoscope is derived from the Greek word Hora and Scopus meaning time' and observer'. The observation of time has been calculated through multiple astrology systems and traditions. Ranging from personality typing the evolution of human identity, to predictions of world events that give insight into the future.

The Zodiac Animals are configurations of stars that create constellations. The shape that the constellation makes has been interpreted as an animal or hybrid beast that acts with different modalities within the celestial bodies to map the movement and behaviour of the heavens.

About Arvee Gibson

Arvee Gibson is an Australian Artist based in Western Sydney. A Digital and Traditional Artist with a focus in Surface Design.

Gibson's work is centred on duality and ambiguity, with references to Tattoo and Manga Art.

Arvee Gibson first Exhibited artwork in 2011 at the National Art School: The Dobell Drawing School in 2011, has Exhibited artwork since 2015 in multiple group shows locally, Graduated Billy Blue College of design with a Bachelor in Motion Design. Gibson has been Published in Sydney Comic Guild 2017 Anthology, Apocalyptic Fairy Tale'. and has Exhibited work internationally at SURTEX with Artshine Licensing in 2018/2019. Ar

Arvee's work is characterised by high contrast, strong composition and abstraction. Which leads to the question. Why even make Art?

I'm a Multiracial Artist that's Queer. I've only seen myself reflected in the margins. Taking up space with high visibility is important when self erasure becomes the only way to advance in life, or in some cases the only way to exist.

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