Hidden Thoughts I: Do I Matter?

Published by: Melbourne Digital Concert Hall | 11-Feb-2021
A daring work by Katy Abbott based on the anonymous confessions of over 200 women
Venue: Melbourne Digital Concert Hall
Date: Monday 8th March 2021
Time: 8.30pm
Ticket: From $20
Buy / Ticket: https://watch.melbournedigitalconcerthall.com/#/item/63292
Web: https://watch.melbournedigitalconcerthall.com/#/item/63292
: https://www.facebook.com/events/207418784402464
A daring work by Katy Abbott based on the anonymous confessions of over 200 women. Do I Matter? is a bold artistic endeavour that seeks to explore “ within the glare of public performance “ the thoughts and desires we keep closest, and to express the inner narrator we keep secret.

Enjoy this concert online or be part of a live studio audience at Melbourne's Athenaeum 2 upstairs.
Digital Tickets: $24
Live Studio Audience: $44 ($32 concession)


Syzygy Ensemble:
Laila Engle “ Flutes
Robin Henry- Clarinets
Jenny Khafagi “ Violin
Campbell Banks “ Cello
Leigh Harrold “ Piano
Dan Richardson “ Percussion
Invenio Singers:
Gian Slater
Merinda Dias-Jayasinha
Louisa Rankin
Josh Kyle
Ed Fairlie
Andrew Murray


Katy Abbott “ Hidden Thoughts I: Do I Matter?
I: Taking Chances
II: Tea Bag
III: Runaway
IV: Eat Whatever I Want
V: Do I Matter?
VI: Stop Talking
VII: Ghostly
VIII: Sweet Sixteen
IX: What Would You Like To Be Braver About?
X: Support Her, Protect Her
XI: Stronger, Smarter, Prettier (What have you learned to be brave about?)
XII: Cigarettes on the Ground
XIII: Crazy Dreams Silver Thread
XIV: Beauty and Ashes
XV: My Lover Is A Woman
XVI: Do I Matter? (reprise)

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