HER an Head ON Associated Exhibition curated by ArtSHINE

Published by: Catherine Burns | 24-Apr-2020
ArtSHINE would like to exclusively invite you to view the artworks by Cihan Bektas in the Private Gallery.
HER' BY Cihan Bektas

Online Exhibition Private viewing runs: 1 May -31 August 2020

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About the exhibition

HER is a photographic story that been created with the intention of an impersonal personality and simulated visual memory.

In addition to winning awards in many different countries, numerous magazines and newspapers managed to take part in.

I wanted to create pictures that suggest stories and invite the audience to experiment with the boundaries between reality and fiction. ~ Cihan Bektas © Cihan Bektas

About CIhan Bektas

I would define myself as self-taught. When I was nine years old we moved to a big suburb. At age ten my father, who was not interested in art, gave me a manually operated Polaroid camera in order to photograph anything whatever I liked.

as I photographer, interested in how something rather ordinary can, in fact, become extraordinary.I am inspired by all things which are timeless and undefined.

All my works is influenced by dreams and surrealism.

I try to evoke and suggest things which will make the spectator dream and do the same. Read Less

Melbourne based photographer Cihan Bektas.

His work and style are influenced by many different aspects of historical art. He has pioneered the use of digital manipulation within his field. He has an unmistakable pictorial idiom, based on his humour, his playfulness and practically unlimited power of the imagination. His pictorial composition nonetheless remains simple and clear. The multiple levels of interpretation in Cihan Bektas Studio's work point to surrealist art as the creative source of their inspiration. Breathtaking compositions and beauty.

He has been fortunate to have had numerous solo exhibitions. His art sells both nationally and internationally and has featured in publications such as Guardian AU, Worbz GER and XoXo Magazine TR,2020 Head-On Foto Biennial Exhibition, 2019 Chromatics Awards- Fine Art Honorable Choice, 2019 Sunstudios / SEPA, 2018 TedsCamera Winner Photo Comp,St. 2014 Petersburg Foto Festival, 2013 Avignon Art Biennial, 2012 Foto Istanbul Bienal.

I have also proudly won or been a finalist for numerous awards including the Canon 2019 Photographer of the year SEPA (current)2019 Chromatics Awards- Fine Art Honorable Choice.

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