HELEN DUBROVICH ~ Magical Quality in her Art!!!

Published by: ArtSHINE Gallery ~ Mickie | 6-Apr-2017
Get captured in another world of zen and beauty with Helen Dubrovich watercolour art. Currently working with ArtSHINE Gallery.
Venue: ArtSHINE Gallery
Address: 3 Blackfriars Street
Date: Current ask staff for viewing
Time: Opening Hours Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 05:00PM Saturday - Sunday 11:00AM - 3.00PM
Ticket: Free
Web: https://www.artshinegallery.com/artwork-detail/?id=2499
: https://www.artshinegallery.com/artist/?id=314
EMail: gallery@artshine.com.au
Call: 450323481
Helen Dubrovich artworks cover a number of mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, pastel and pencil. Dubrovich style brings a joyous use of colour, exuberance, texture and detail. Her watercolours have a touch of fantasy into semi abstract landscapes. The details she brings out a touch of magic with the mixture of brush strokes. The art piece here is "Garden Gate". The perspective is a great way to escape into another world. Her use of composition lets the viewer feel lighter and at peace. The arrangement of light helps bring forth a warm effect.

Helen Dubrovich, born in Germany of Russian parents, migrated to Australia when she was three. When quite young Helen started to travel overseas and this influenced her work which is quite eclectic.

Buy this piece now by following the link and using pay pal on our site https://www.artshinegallery.com/artwork-detail/?id=2499

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