Healthy pizza party brings community together

Published by: AWESOME Arts | 17-Nov-2021
Students at RAWA Community Schools in Punmu and Kunawarritji spend a two-week Creative Challenge making functioning artistic pizza ovens with West Australian artists Calvin Chee and Andy Quilty. This residency was proudly supported by BHP.
In August of 2021 AWESOME artists, Calvin Chee and Andy Quilty travelled out onto the lands of the Martu People to explore the Creative Challenge theme of ‘Gathering’ with the students through process-driven arts.

Andy and Calvin began by facilitating a discussion with the class about their interests and what gathering and community mean to them. After some dialogue, the students were itching to show our artists exactly what makes the Australian regions so unique, the land!

Foraging together for bush tucker and sharing their favourite Australian foods with the artists inspired participants to explore the theme of ‘Gathering’ by using found earth materials to build functioning pizza ovens for their community and decorating them with significant iconography.

The ovens were crafted entirely by hand by the students using only dirt and mortar. RAWA’s young artists got to immortalise their involvement in this project by adorning the ovens with stencilled designs, handprints and a beautifully sculpted Goanna embellished entirely by the students.

The young artists were excited to share their creations so they designed posters to be placed throughout the community inviting all to join a celebration with pizza made specially in their new pizza ovens. The final artwork was used to cook nutritious and healthy pizzas for everyone to share while listening to music, dancing, sitting around the campfire and playing games.

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