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Published by: Kabuku PR | 13-Feb-2017
Following incredible online success, Hang Massive, will perform in Australia for the first time as part of their global tour in 2017.
Following incredible online success, hang drum group, Hang Massive, will perform in Australia for the first time as part of their global tour in 2017.

From 11th to 22nd March, Hang Massive will bring their unique combination of the hang, sublime vocals and crispy beats to Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Hang Massive will perform songs from their latest album 'Distant Light', as well as earlier works from their live albums. With their unique and hypnotic style of composition and performance, these shows are not to be missed!

Founders Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat met during their travels in India in 2010. The following year, they released their first online music and video track, 'Once Again', which has achieved more than 50 million online views and cemented an incredible global fan base.

Since then, the duo has released two live albums 'Beats for your Feet' and 'As It Is', and their first studio album in 2016, 'Distant Light', featuring collaborations with vocalist and hang player Victoria Grebezs and digital master Morgan Davenport.

'Distant Light' combines the unique sounds of the hang, recorded in hyper HD, and fused with lush vocals, live strings, drums, bass and world-class sound design. It features instrumental tracks such as 'Nomadness' and 'Here Comes the Badger' alongside mesmerising vocal-led tracks such as 'Upon the Star' and 'Distant Light'.

Invented in Switzerland in 2000, the hang is a new-age percussion instrument that is played with the hands and fingers to produce a truly unique sound. Hang Massive are renowned as global pioneers of hang music thanks to their fusion of the hang sound with a range of electronic styles and genres.

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