Give It Up 4 Peace this October!

Published by: Negin Nia / University of British Columbia | 16-Oct-2019
Throughout October, we're giving up something we can't live without in support of refugees or newcomers who come to BC and give up all that they have.
PeaceGeeks is a local tech non-profit in Vancouver that builds digital tools to help empower in communities in the pursuit of peace. This is their third year running the #GiveItup4Peace campaign.

#GIU4P is a month long fundraising challenge -- for the month of October individuals give up 1 thing they "can't live without" to show their support and raise awareness for newcomers who have given up everything they know to begin their new lives here It's a great way to challenge your friends and family to see if you can give up your one thing you can't live without. The contest ends November 3rd, but it's not too late to join today or donate to other campaign pages.

It's also a great way to get involved with your community, family and friends. The funds raised from this year's campaign will go towards Arrival Advisor -- a free multilingual app that helps newcomers access important information to make their settlement journey easier. Suggestions for things people can give up: - Coffee - Alcohol - Driving - Meat - Technology - Fast Food - Sugar Start your campaign page at:

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