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Published by: Madeleine Clarke / University of Technology Sydney | 22-Jul-2016
Theatre tickets as cheap as $5 could become stock standard for young people through the City of Sydney's 'Passport Scheme'.
Address: Sydney, NSW Australia


A ticket to one of Sydney's theatres may be about to get a whole lot cheaper for young people. The City of Sydney are developing a 'Passport Scheme' to help open the door of the theatre.

Director of the Theatre Network New South Wales (TNN), Jane Kreis says, "I think there's got to be a lot more reaching out, there is a lot of that done as much as our theatre companies can do, but i think this passport scheme will actually help facilitate that a lot for both parties."

The scheme could see unsold seats made available to high school students for as little as five bucks, and is based on a similar program that ran in Adelaide until the nineties.

NIDA student Olivia, found cost stopped her from being as immersed in the theatre as she would have liked to be:

"So it was always a big thing that was quite always quite expensive because I'd have to come to Sydney, pay for the tickets which was so expensive, get accommodation... I didn't see it as much as I would have liked to."

Many theatres and schools already offer discount programs, but stakeholders believe this program has extra appeal.

"I think there's really good school and educational systems about theatre access... it's that individual choice and that individual buying which I think is kind of exciting... buying your own tickets to go to a theatre, it's a really great experience," Kreis says.

Madeleine Clarke, Loose Change Sydney

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