Gesticulating Christo Warner invites Melbourne musos to jam and see "What Washes UP"..

Published by: Christo Warner | 18-Apr-2017
In cahoots with Brunswick Street Gallery and In.cube8r Gallery, What Washes UP is a musical/ social experiment that invites the unknown. Christo Warner is a street poet from Byron Bay, he had never seen a busking poet so in attempts to make it interesting forged over years a unique art form. Now visiting in Melbourne- is compelled to immerse, and what better way than to invite the general public to jam, musicians beyond genres and see what fusion emerges..What Washes UP is a progressive 4 stage process. Stage1 was held on Thursday 13 @ Brunswick Street Gallery, where Christo performed solo . Stages2 & 3 are public jam sessions @ In.cube8r Gallery on Saturday 22 (5pm-7) and Monday 24 (12noon-4). Welcome! Stage4: is a jam exhibit @ Brunswick Street Gallery (7:30pm-9:30) performing with different configurations of musicians through the various gallery zones. @ChristoWarnersWords
Venue: 2/4 & 3/4 @ In.cube8r Gallery. 4/4 @ Brunswick Street Gallery.
Address: Fitzroy/ Melbourne/ Australia
Date: 2/4: Saturday 22nd. 3/4: Monday 24th. 4/4: Thursday 27th.
Time: 2/4: 7:30pm-9. 3/4: 12noon-4. 4//4: 7:30pm-9:30.
Ticket: Free
Call: 449196836
What Washes UP is a progressive exhibition, a musical and social experiment. Featuring: You? and Christo Warner, the gesticulating street poet from Byron Bay. Whom having emerged is aroused by the potential of the Melbourne region, and compelled to immerse.

"Being myself fresh to the region, maybe nobody will turn up?" So far Elena, a tango singer has been met and is keen. And now David a guitarist, has offered his mic and amp! It is progressing, yet the concept is deliberately full of unknowns, and invites musicians beyond genres. Seeking an experimental fusion, not perfection but collaborative art. The aim is to document the process and put it out on the net, with links to collaborators to enable further symbiosis. So we will see, What Washes UP.

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