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Geon • Closing Feast • Interlude Gallery

BY Interlude Gallery | 28-Nov-2017
Join us for the closing feast of 'Geon', this Saturday 2nd December from 3-5pm. The exhibition by Sydney College of the Arts graduates Yves Lee, Luke O’Connor, Kalanjay Dhir and Bella A Taylor, reflects on the transformative power of clay: its malleable tactility, its temporal trajectory and its processes of symbiotic exchange which materialise individual impressions. Closing feast: Saturday 2 of December 3-5 pm.
‘Geon’ is shorthand for geological eon, a history of measuring planetary history into inevitably anthropocentric units. In unpacking the nature of clay and mineral earth as a data set, each artist will mould personal and impersonal memories into their work in attempting to grapple with human and non-human conceptions of material time. Every culture has an image of after-life and end-time and so, at a time when the world is warming by human impression, 'Geon' asks in what image might the culture of our earthen crust take form?

- Yves Lee, Luke O’Connor, Kalanjay Dhir and Bella A Taylor