GBvi VOID Infinity Experience Recreates Sublime Senses at Cotterrell's Mirror II-Distance Art AV Installation

Published by: Beth Nicholas | 18-Aug-2016
UK-based image innovation technology company, GBvi, has recently delivered two VOID infinity display experiences to a new art installation by renowned media and technology artist, David Cotterrell. The new installation work, Mirror II - Distance, is on show in Dublin as part of the Seeing exhibition at the Science Gallery. #scigallerydub @SciGalleryDub
Mirror II "“ Distance is part of the "Mirror" project, a series devised to provide insight into global communities that experience distancing and objectification. It is inspired by observations of the Diplomatic Enclave in Islamabad and features two Pakistani guards standing and watching over the expat compounds they are stationed over. The two men observe each other across a distance as they listen to the visitors, the experts and the specialists discuss Pakistan, its people and its future.

The art installation comprises two VOID installations by GBvi, each presenting video media of a Pakistani guard communicating with the other in the secondary VOID. A suspended dome speaker above the installation ensures visitors only experience both sight and sound when underneath the audio and between each of the VOID stations.

Critical to the creation of the experience was a true and compelling sense of distance and infinity, so that the distance between the two guards feels true-to-life.

VOID, an infinity display experience for educational spaces, attractions and themed experiences, uses special display techniques and light path management to create extreme depth cues and illusions of distance "“ so that viewers and audiences are provided with a sense of peering into space.

"It's very difficult to transfer the sensation of place into reality. People can't understand or recreate this experience from an illustration or image alone and we wanted to generate a sense of emotion and understanding from this installation. The VOID allowed us to do just that." explains artist David Cotterrell.

"It was important that visitors became fully immersed and engaged with the media. We will continue to use this technology and refine how we apply it in future installations to continue innovating with depth cues and immersion in art."

Available in a range of size, brightness, projection performance and playback configurations up to ultra-high contrast 4K, VOID is built to deliver realistic, immersive experiences.

Geoff Blackham, Managing Director at GBvi added, "It's been a hugely exciting and eye-opening project for us, to see this technology being applied in such an innovative application. We have worked with David over many years "“ he is very experimental and inventive with his use of emerging technologies and we look further to further application of our products within his work."

The launch of the Seeing exhibition marks the start of a two-year, multi-venue tour across the UK and USA. For more information, please visit

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