Gathering Mist "¢ Amber Grace "¢ Closing Feast

Published by: Interlude Gallery | 29-Jan-2018
Interlude Gallery invites you to the closing feast of our current exhibition Gathering Mist by Amber Grace. Come along and surround yourself in the artist's sensual environment and enjoy a drink and some nibbles.
Venue: Interlude Gallery
Address: 11/131-145 Glebe Point Rd., Glebe
Date: 3rd February 2018
Time: 3-5pm
Ticket: Free admission
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 61295716047
"¢ Closing feast: Saturday 3rd February 3"“5pm *Drinks by gold coin donation "¢ Gathering Mist is a conspicuous object design installation which aims to transform the space and viewers experience of it. By adopting natural elements crafting and manipulating them to the point of major simplicity (like any old master), using control environments, Amber Grace invites the public to submerge and not emerge, in the captivating experience of an artificial habitat, a projection of her experience in the green lands of Scotland and other paradisical landscapes. This a singular exhibition at Interlude Gallery, which prospects to bring dialogue with other so call "disciplines" of the creative practice, design, installation, object design and visual arts merge together in Gathering Mist. "¢ "GATHERING MIST is a collaboration, a collection of work inspired by ECHOES I began gathering them whilst wandering the Glens and Isles of Scotland, where I was indulging an obsession with mist and moss. Strangely this obsession was about belonging. I wanted to belong! ... To evoke these echoes Gathering mist incorporates many natural materials such as stone, wood, silk, rust, wind, moss and of course mist. I am a sensual creature, to smell, see and hear and touch always has power that imagination cannot create. Sometimes in the landscape, sometimes of the landscape, the mediums of jewellery, textile and object allow me to change the perception of the viewer. The Japanese aesthetic brings imagination and unworldly mystery, and helps express the simplicity and clarity of naturalness, to be precisely what something is meant to be, not more, or less. It has allowed me to create, using techniques such as asymmetry, irregularity, freedom from habit, and yet balance, a likeness of nature and some of its qualities that I feel in myself." "¢ Sponsored by Poor Toms Gin For more information visit

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