Game Maker Device: A Solo Painting Exhibition by Shanly Momeni

Published by: Biafarin | 24-Aug-2018
Game Maker Device, a new painting series by Iranian modernist painting artist; Shanly Momeni will be on show from 7 to 12 September 2018 in Art Time Gallery.
Venue: Art Time Gallery
Address: Tehran, Iran
Date: 7-12 September 2018
Time: 17:00
Ticket: Free
Shanly Momeni's "Game Maker Device" challenges us to see how unconscious human mechanism will demonstrate itself in a crowded atmosphere. The combination and matching of strong and bright colors in an atmosphere in which Dark color becomes dominant together with shapes and masks that are hanging and rotating in a way to exemplify or clarify a dizziness among happiness and sadness.

An inner childish world with a tendency towards lighting and childhood joy with an outer and peripheral atmosphere which is dark-sometimes being lit by a spark of light; adds "Zarvan Rouhbakhshan", an art critics and curator, reviewing "Game Maker Device" series.

About Shanly

Born in 1984, Shanly Momeni is a modernistic painter in Iran's contemporary art society. Holding an MA in entrepreneurship, she has always shown interest in different fields of arts and never stopped to amaze her viewers with a new idea brought to life by her determination and creativity.

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