Gallery Elysium's Summer 2020 Exhibition.

Published by: Gallery Elysium | 20-Dec-2020
Reflecting on the Challenges faced by the Arts in the wake of the Covid 19 Crisis
This year has been a challenging year for the community generally and for the Arts community in particular. The slowing down of the economy as a result of the Covid Lockdowns across the country has meant that discretionary spending on the finer things in life has been impacted severely. The Travel, Entertainment and Arts industries have been hit worst of all, detrimentally affecting the employment of thousands of people. Many small to medium sized Commercial Galleries have either been forced to shut down altogether or have had to pivot and modify the way they do business by developing alternate income streams and increased reliance on digitally orientated solutions.

Its a testament to the resilience of artists everywhere and their ability to adapt to an ever changing environment, that, notwithstanding the Covid restrictions imposed by the governemnt on the community and economy during this challenging year, artists managed to continue to create artwork and pursue their creative impulses. Many artists, for instance, used the 'down time' imposed on them by the Government restrictions as an opportunity to focus on completing projects or starting new ones in direct response to the calamity which affected their community.

The gradual lifting of restrictions in Victoria since early November has seen many Galleries who survived the worst of the restrictions begin to re-open, bringing art, beauty and a sense of hope back to a city which had been in an induced Coma for most of the year.

In the wake of the Covid Crisis Gallery Elysium opened its doors with what turned out to be a very successful 3 man exhibition featuring the works of Sonny Dalimore, Bart Sanciolo and Phillip Doggett-Williams. The healthy sales of works by all three of these artists after such a dark time was a surprising but welcome assurance of the public's need and support of the Arts during these challenging times and is proof , if any was needed, of the role art plays in the lives of ordinary people.

Gallery Elysium is extremely fortuante to work with a wonderful group of artists and is committed to promoting an appreciation of the arts into the wider community into the future. The current 'Summer Exhibition 2020' at Gallery Elysium features the works of 23 artists, some of whom will be exhibiting in Solo or Group shows with the Gallery throughout 2021. The works range in style from abstraction through to figuration and include Sculpture as well as painting. The exhibition will be on show throughout December 2020 through to February 2021 so if you are i the area pop in and take in some wonderful work.

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