Galerie pact

Published by: PACT | 8-Jul-2016
Pact is the acronym from our initials: Pierre-Arnaud and Charlotte Trivini. Pact reflects our commitment to display the talent of emerging artists, with none or very little visibility in France, whether or not they are recognised abroad. It also refers to the way we design each exhibition as an artistic pact. Thus, each show will be subject to an enriching conversation. #galeriepact
Either with the work of another artist who influenced the exhibited works (this historical work, from the second market or loaned by a gallery or a collector, and presented within the same exhibition, may be a contemporary art work, a modern one, Art Brut, Tribal Art, etc.) Or through the intervention of someone out-side the contemporary art world, whose work or reflection correlates to the theme of the exhibition (a mathematician, dancer, surgeon, film director, etc.)

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