Fu Wenjun Solo Exhibition at National Art Museum of China March 9th - 19th 2017

Published by: Terry | 1-Mar-2017
From March 9th to 19th 2017, Fu Wenjun will be presenting his solo exhibition entitled "Harmony in Diversity: Fu Wenjun"s Digital Painting Photography Exhibition", at the National Art Museum of China. The curator of the solo exhibition, Peng Feng, who is Professor at Peking University School of Arts and curator of the Chinese Pavilion at the 54th Biennale di Venezia, plans to exhibit 57 workpieces of 5 series created by Fu Wenjun in recent years, leading people to a visionary, deep world permeated with poetic meaning and tension, displaying the expressive force of contemporary photography.
Venue: National Art Museum of China
Address: 1 Wusi Dajie, East District, Beijing, China, 100010
Date: March 9th - 19th 2017

Harmony in Diversity: Fu Wenjun's Digital Painting Photography Exhibition

Organizer: Chongqing Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Curator: Peng Feng
(Professor of at Peking University School of Arts, art critic and curator of the Chinese Pavilion at the 54th Biennale di Venezia)

Exhibition duration: March 9th -19th, 2017

Press conference: 3pm March 8th, 2017 (First Floor Hall No.3, National Art Museum of China)

Venue: First Floor Hall No.3, 5, 7, National Art Museum of China

About the exhibition

The relationship between photography and painting has always captured the interest of arts scholars. According to most fundamentalist scholars of aesthetics, ontological differences exist between photography and painting. The appearance of the digital imaging technology has destroyed the cause-effect relation between photography and the object. Photographer, like a painter, can collect any kind of visual elements to express ideas or feelings. Observers can appreciate the workpiece as if it was a painting, understanding the morale and implied meaning of the photographic work. Fu Wenjun towards such new photographic art, named digital painting photography, wants to master photography as if it was a painter, to express independent ideas, morale, and even abstract mental states. Fu Wenjun is a forerunner in the field of digital painting photography, this exhibition presents 5 series of 57 workpieces realized in the last few years; they will lead us to a visionary, deep world permeated with poetic meaning and tension, displaying the expressive force of contemporary photography. (By the curator Peng Feng)

About the artist


Fu Wenjun, Chinese contemporary artist, was graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He creates principally through the art media of photography, installation, sculpture and oil painting, and has put forward the concept of "digital painting abstract photography".

His works embody his thinking and reflection on many issues related to the Eastern and Western history, culture and humanity, including the relationship between different cultures in the age of globalization, the heritage of traditional Chinese culture in a rapidly changing society, industrialization and urbanization in Chinese cities.

He has presented his solo exhibitions at the Old Summer Palace Museum (Beijing), at the Today Art Museum (Beijing), at the United Nations Headquarters (New York), at the Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangzhou) and at other international art organizations. His works are exhibited at significant international exhibitions, such as the Triennale dell"Arte Contemporanea, the 1st Asia Biennial/5th Guangzhou Triennial, the XVIII Bienal de Cerveira, NordArt, and the collateral exhibition of Biennale di Venezia 2013, entitled Voice of the Unseen Chinese Independent Art 1979/Today.

He has gained numerous awards, including the first prize from the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina, "The Best Artist in the World" at Tour Eiffel La Grande Exposition Universelle, the International Award "Lorenzo il Magnifico" of X Florence Biennale. His artworks are collected by Today Art Museum, the Old Summer Palace Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kennedy Family, World Council of Peoples for the United Nations, Dazu Grotto Museum, Chongqing Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, Société Nationale des Beaux Arts of France, Egypt Ahmed Shawki Museum and other significant organizations and collectors.

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