From the Familiar to the Unfamiliar

Published by: Susan Gibson | 24-Sep-2016
Sharyn Madder & Beatrice Magalotti, contemporary artists, continue to explore their familiar subject matter whilst pursuing and pushing unfamiliar processes.
Venue: Cambridge Studio Gallery
Address: 52 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Victoria.
Date: 5 to 23 October
Time: Weds to Suns, 12 to 5pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 03 9486 0169
Regular exhibitors at Cambridge Studio Gallery, Sharyn Madder and Beatrice Magalotti are known for their playful, eclectic and whimsical artworks. Inspired by their observations of nature and the built environment the two artists utilize different mediums to capture their visions.

Sharyn Madder has recently been experimenting with different mediums but found herself returning to her favourites; pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolour, and ink, consigning most of her experiments to the bin of experience... Liberating, the effort was not wasted it was a learning experience full of play.

Sharyn admitted "I do seem to have an abiding obsession with trees. I notice and draw them wherever I go and use these images over and over again, at the same time trying not to repeat myself. My work in this show may have flashes here and there of the 'unfamiliar' as I try to interpret the familiar subjects in unfamiliar ways."

Beatrice Magalotti embraces a wide range of different media in her sculptural work. Her methods are diverse. "I'm not limited in the tools or skills I employ to create art. I am versatile and I believe that traditional 'female' skills and crafts are valid methods for creating art."

Beatrice uses a number of different skills to create work; crochet to create a wax model for bronze casting or embroidering on flywire, as well as working with wood and stone.

She utilises what she has on hand and sources other techniques and materials to enhance her pieces. Working in a methodical manner, Beatrice deconstructs and reconstructs to refine a piece till it sits comfortably in its own space. Photography is also another medium familiar to Beatrice that allows her to address similar themes to those in her sculpture, using a number of printing methods from laser etching to salt printing. Beatrice is constantly developing and redefining her work, picking up numbers of threads to create a whole, sourcing unfamiliar techniques to make them her own.

Both Beatrice and Sharyn have been practicing art for over 12 years, exhibiting, participating in open studio programs and curating exhibitions.

Opening drinks: Sat 8 October, 2 "“ 4pm

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