Free streaming on line art exhibition "Global Warming & Water Wars: vision of the future"

Published by: Lys d'Or | 1-Feb-2018
Lys d'Or presents selected works by international artists who answered to the open call "Global Warming & Water Wars: vision of the future"
Lys d'Or presents selected works by international artists who answered to the open call "Global Warming & Water Wars: vision of the future"

What the exhibition presents is how each artist interprets the vision of a possible future determined by the behavior of man towards the Planet Earth that seems to be at risk of a real collapse: introspective visions, moods and inner motions, condemnations and warnings, about the rapid climate changes, the scarcity of potable water, the advance of the desert, submerged territories or disappearance of glaciers, the feeling of a humanity survived the catastrophe or deleted, but also the hope of a not necessarily dramatic future

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Abdolrahman Mojarrad (Iran) Ade (UK) Ahmad Vojdannezhad (Iran) Amirreza Vahabi Amlashi (Iran) Angela Alexander Lloyd (UK) Angelo Secondini (Italy) Anis Tabaraee (Iran) Arezoo Bghsheikhi (Iran) Atabay (Iran) Aylin Marandi (Iran) Barbara Della Femina (USA) Bob Hilger (USA) Corinne Tomas (Italy) Daniel de Culla (Spain) Daniele Virgilio (Italy) Durgaprasad Bandi (India) Fabrizio Pedrali (Italy) Fatemeh Naderi (Austria) Gareth Bunting (UK) Grey Cross (USA) Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (USA) Hamed Pirayeshnia (Iran) Harriette Lawler (USA) Horst Tress (Germany) Hossein Abdi (Iran) Hamid Forughyrad (Iran) James Wodarek (USA) Jaromir Svozilik (Norway) Jessica Gonpra (Spain) John D'Onofrio (USA) Karen Colville (Canada) Kianoush Saadati (Iran) Lars Schumacher (Germany) Leonardo Nazzareno Enea (Italy) Lisa Reindorf (USA) Mahboobeh Esfandiary (Iran) Mahdie Jafari (Iran) Majid Aghapour Haghighi (Iran) Majid Hojati (Iran) Maria Darmeli Araujo (Brasil) Maryam Alemomen (Iran) Matlakas (UK) Mehdi Ashrafi Varzideh (Iran) Michael Leigh (UK) Michael Mendel (USA) Mohammad Barrangi (Iran) Mohammadreza Aminitari (Iran) Nancy Calef (USA) Navid Talebi (Iran) Nazi Arkian (Iran) Niknaz Niknejad (Iran) Olga Guse (Germany) Omid Shayan (Iran) Parisa Farokhbakht (Iran) Parsa Masiha - Issa Abbaspour (Iran) Pary Shahivandy (Iran) Sait Toprak (Turkey) Sepideh Aghaei (Iran) Stefano Sansoni (Italy) Tammy Mike Laufer (Israel) Victor Femenias von Willigmann (Chile) Wasted Angel (Belgium) Zahra Khadem Shariat (Iran)

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