Frank Boyle | Horizons

Published by: Helen Day | 1-Nov-2016
Meet the artist l Saturday 5 November 2pm
Venue: Day Fine Art
Address: 27-29 Govett's Leap Road. Blackheath
Date: Saturday 5- Monday 21 November
Time: 10am-5pm
The paintings in the 'Horizons' exhibition have been shaped, not as a natural representation of any particular place but in a way that seeks to describe a meditative sense of mystery, the unknown and the infinite that is created by the space and vastness of the ocean (or land), the sky and a seemingly immeasurable horizon.

Through simple compositions I've attempted to produce a meditative effect that invites deeper contemplation and evoke the possibility of isolation and solitude. For me, isolation and solitude can generate a space to find clarity and meaning.

I also draw inspiration from Gerhard Richter, an artist whose work I greatly admire. When asked in 1970 by Rolf Gunther Dienst why he painted landscapes, Richter replied, "I felt like painting something beautiful".

If I'm happy with any work I create then hopefully it can speak for itself. No two people will experience 'Horizons' in the same way and I invite viewers to draw their own conclusions whatever they may be.

Frank Boyle, September 2016

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