Franck Gohier Exhibition '#Ozpop'

Published by: Mitchell Fine Art | 29-Oct-2020
Darwin-based artist Franck Gohier returns to Mitchell Fine Art with a new series of artworks that continue his appropriation of 1950's and 60's vintage comic books and popular culture. #Ozpop is Franck Gohier's homage to the history of Australian Pop. Satirical, politically, and socially motivated his artworks are a reflection of society and its faults, frailties and triumphs.
Born in France, Franck Gohier has an extensive portfolio as a painter, sculptor, and printmaker. His artwork is steeped in his political and social consciousness.

In the past Gohier's works have employed many aesthetics within the comic book genre to examine socio/political and interpersonal themes. Franck is fascinated by people - their aspirations, hopes, fears, and shortcomings.

In this exhibition Gohier not only highlights the patronising representation of the female form but also plays on the commodification and objectification that was represented as the norm. His use of bright colours, text and popular imagery belies his works' deeper messages.

I do not place too much emphasis on explaining my paintings to an audience. Some are obvious, some are ambiguous, and others yet are totally absurdist. I do however invite the viewer to explore the visuals, to read the titles, to allow themselves to imagine what they may interpret the painting to be from their own subjectivity' says Gohier, I am consciously aware that most comic books are marketed at young men and so I created a lot of imagery that centre around strong, empowered woman characters'.

The exhibition is showing from 11th November to 19th December 2020 at Mitchell Fine Art in Arthur St, Fortitude Valley Brisbane.

An exhibition opening will be held on Friday 13th November from 6 - 8pm with the Franck in attendance. On Saturday 14th November Franck will hold an Artist Talk in the gallery from 2pm. All events are free, please RSVP to the gallery.

Mitchell Fine Art is open 6 days a week; Monday to Friday 10am - 5.30pm and Saturday 10am - 5pm, with parking available onsite.

Art lovers can sign up to the gallery's mailing list via the website or follow socially on Facebook and Instagram. Mitchell Fine Art is a large venue and there is ample room to view exhibitions safely, and the gallery staff are practising safe social interaction.

For those that are unable to visit Mitchell Fine Art offers virtual exhibition tours via FaceTime or Zoom; please contact the gallery for more information.

To enquire on any artworks phone 07 3254 2297 or email To view the exhibition online visit

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