Four Shows- One Place: New works by Hayley Scilini, Giordano Biondi, Su Guosong and Minna Loft

Published by: Kate Wallace | 12-Jul-2016
Alternating Current Art Space proudly presents four new exhibitions by Hayley Scilini, Giordano Biondi, Su Guosong and Minna Loft. Bringing together artists working across painting, sculpture, craft and installation, AC's latest crop of shows demonstrate the ingenuity of artists seeking to examine the transformative effect of materials. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street Windsor VIC Australia 3181
Date: 15 July - 6 August
Time: Wed- Fri 3- 8pm & Sat-Sun 11-3pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 03 9525 2459
Opening 15 July at 6pm, Alternating Current Art Space is proud to announce the arrival of four new exhibitions by Hayley Scilini, Giordano Biondi, Su Guosong and Minna Loft.

A celebration of space, colour and ingenuity, AC's next installment brings together an eclectic group of artists working across painting, installation and sculpture. Brought together by a shared intrigue of disparate materials, each seek to immerse the viewer in their transformative effects. Highlighting this is the work of Melbourne based artist Hayley Scilini in SUB/ DIVIDE. Exploring the relationship between contrasting colours and oblique geometric forms, it is through painting and installation that Scilini creates a spatial ambiguity in both two and three-dimensional formats. In addition to the painted works, the artist will create a painting installation on the gallery walls as an extension of the pictorial space.

In contrast, the practice of artist and curator Giordano Biondi manifests itself in The Folds. To be held in Gallery Two, Biondi's latest work is a homage to the sheets, covers and blankets that form part of our everyday lives- serving to hide and protect. As Biondi states: 'Our sheets don't hold stable shapes and forms, and are intended to adapt to the wearer, a thin veil that hides our nudity, and provides a filter between us and the surrounding environment.' Via a series of sculptures, Biondi intends to celebrate the shapes and forms such items take when flesh and fabric meet.

On a different note, Su Guosong looks to relay the narratives of strangers in Déjà vu. The seemingly disparate mediums of photography and sculpture are used here to capture subjects in a way that enables viewers 'to establish a greater connection and understanding of the individual.' Indeed, the images and objects on display each intend to capture the unique characteristics of their subject. Speaking on this, Guosong's interest stems from a desire to explore 'the possibility of transferring individuals' contemporary emotions to physical objects.' As a result, this series introduces the stories of individuals unknown to a wide and diverse audience.

Finally, jeweller and contemporary artist Minna Loft uses craft techniques to explore notions of cultural identity in Haori Himo. Transforming articles of traditional Japanese cultural dress into contemporary jewellery objects, Loft imparts her own residing mark on an object previously loved yet wearied through the passages of time. Emphasizing this, Loft states 'the making process is a valuable tool for maintaining and celebrating cultural diversity while enabling the possibility to realize shared heritage and cultural heritage.' Residing in Gallery four, reinterpretation through the act of making is key to a continuance and preservation of culture. In tandem with the other artists, it is further evidence of the transformative effect materials can elicit.

All exhibitions run from 15 July- 6 August.

Situated in the south east of Melbourne, AC is an artist run space founded to sustain and encourage artistic growth. Our vision is to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work in an environment that supports experimentation and risk, seeking to engage new and diverse audiences via a series of solo and group shows held throughout the year.

Alternating Current Art Space is located at 248 High Street in Windsor. We are open Wednesday to Friday 3-8pm and on the Weekend 11-3pm.

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