Folk channeling duo Deer Prudence unveil the music video for 'Sam's Lament'

Published by: Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 17-Nov-2016
Folk channelling duo Deer Prudence have unveiled the music video for current single 'Sam's Lament', complimenting the tracks luscious acoustic ambiences with a cheery narrative.
Visually, the video unwraps a gentle, yet youthfully charming introspective which has us all drawing similarities. Stylistically, the video couples the track's melancholic nature with an eye pleasing personal reflection that even as our years go on, we're all still clinging on to that youthful glee.

"The story line really just echoes the hard work we've put into creating the song- sometimes it did feel like we were roaming around aimlessly or more or less searching for a pogo stick in a hard rubbish pile. But to have a visual to back our creative intention it is almost a therapeutic thing. We got one of our best friends and ordered her around for the day and it was great."

The pair of guitar playing, violin-toting folk lasses are set to release their debut EP in 2017, with 'Sam's Lament' a taste of great things to come from the duo. Hailing from regional Victoria, the pair has curated a comprehensive folk/ Americana/ pop-esque sound, carefully tuning in their emotive spectrum of relatable lyrical themes over their last 5 years of writing and recording.

Deer Prudence's forthcoming single, 'Sam's Lament' is will be released independently on November 19, the duo will celebrate with a free launch show at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill with support from Forever Son.

Deer Prudence 'Sam's Lament' single launch
Some Velvet Morning "“ Clifton Hill, Melbourne
+ Forever Son
Doors 7.30pm

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