Flowers and creativity bloom brightly in Coolgardie

Published by: Kayla MacGillivray | 11-Jan-2024
Talented Coolgardie kids bloom just like their art in a residency full of self-discovery and growth.
Flowers and creativity bloom brightly in Coolgardie
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In Term 4 of 2023, artists Samantha Hughes and Kylie Bywaters travelled to the Coolgardie community, on Wongutha Country, to explore painting, collage, flower making and photography with the students of Coolgardie Primary School.

Responding to the theme “Bloom”, students created work that revolves around nature and growth. This included imagining and crafting their “dream flowers”, and creating unique flower suncatchers made with found flowers and leaves from outside the classroom, laminating pouches, drawings, watercolour painting, and collage. The younger students created garden homes together, with the older students photographing and filming their work.

At the end of the residency, the students showcased their work for teachers, parents and other students in a colourful and joyful celebration event. The students were enthusiastic and proud to present their creations to the wider community.

Engaging in the creative process allowed the students to explore and express their thoughts, emotions, and perspectives, with the experience serving as a powerful outlet for self-discovery and personal growth.

Creative Challenge is AWESOME Arts’ core education program that embeds contemporary teaching artists in schools across the state. The residency program aims to build pride in community and explore self-expression through project management and creative learning skills.

This residency was proudly supported by Healthway

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