Floor Talk with Island Welcome artist and curator Belinda Newick

Australian Design Centre | 25-Mar-2019
Join curator and jeweller Belinda Newick for an insight into the exhibition Island Welcome.
artist and curator Belinda Newick
Image: Left: Belinda Newick (detail). Photo: Chris Hopkins. Right: Belinda Newick, Hope, 2017. Photo: Fred Kroh.
Join curator and jeweller Belinda Newick for an insight into the exhibition Island Welcome.

Belinda Newick is a jeweller and metalsmith, whose work explores cultural hybridity, diversity and place. Since graduating from Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia in 1995, Newick has spent six years in South Australia at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Gray Street Workshop and Zu Design jewellery + objects. Newick now lives in Melbourne and is a sessional lecturer at the Northern Melbourne Institute of Technology, (NMIT).

Newick's practice as a studio based jeweller is a balance of exhibition, production and commission jewellery, objects and design. Through her work Newick explores aspects of language, which translates as details of surface texture on gold and silver. She combines hand-crafted traditional techniques and computer engraving processes. Her interest in linguistics and epigraphic collections informs the inclusion of text. Her objects and jewellery capture the emotions, imprints and memories of her life journey through the subtle surface techniques applied to her work.

Newick has been the recipient of two international grants, with an AsiaLink Residency; Sri Lanka 2004 and another in Kerala, India 2001. She has exhibited in Asia, New Zealand and the USA and maintains an exhibition and gallery profile in Australia and overseas.

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