Float Like a Butterfly // IRISH FILM FESTIVAL SYDNEY

Published by: Aidan Mc Laughlin | 23-Apr-2019
The 2019 Irish Film Festival is featuring the film 'Float Like a Butterfly', depicting a young girl passionate fight to become a boxing champion.
The time is 1972 in Ireland, and Muhammad Ali is fighting in Croke Park in Dublin. Float Like a Butterfly features a young Irish girl named Frances who idolizes him and dreams of following his steps to become the greatest boxer. Despite having been her biggest ally once, her ex-convict father now has other plans for her. Whether standing inside the boxing ring or out, Frances continues to fight to champion her people. From the producers of ONCE and SING ST, this film brings a story of passion and freedom to the screens as Frances learns to look inside herself and triumph against society's expectations and preconceptions which work to tie her down. The film was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and the Cork International Film Festival.

Float Like a Butterfly brings light to an era hovering between a rural world stuck in conventional traditions and values, and the emergence of modern insights. The film encapsulates a timely and socially aware piece through its impressive character dynamics. The harsh reality many women face in a restricting environment is depicted in its heart-warming portrayal of a young girl fighting for her own values, with the unique mix of Irish culture and boxing.

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