Five Shows, One Gallery: Exhibition Opening by Claire Lefebvre, Garry Moore, ChengLin Miao, Tina Douglas and Annette Chang

Published by: Kate Wallace | 18-Jul-2017
From 20 July- 12 August, Alternating Current Art Space proudly presents the opening of five new exhibitions. An exchange between disciplines, come join us for the official opening on 21 July (6- 8pm) to celebrate the the incredibly diverse practices of Claire Lefebvre, Garry Moore, ChengLin Miao, Tina Douglas and Annette Chang.
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street Windsor, Victoria
Date: Opening Night Event and Drinks: Friday 21 July 6-8 pm. Exhibition period: 20 July - 12 August
Time: Gallery Opening Hours: Thursday & Friday 12- 7pm Saturday & Sunday 12- 5pm
Ticket: Free.
Call: 03 9525 2459"‹
Beginning in Gallery One, Claire Lefebvre offers moments of fascination and discovery in Awe is what moves us forward. Coined after writer Joseph Campbell"s belief that "awe is what moves us forward", Lefebvre"s series of paintings and soft hanging sculptures investigate the "material possibilities of paint and fabric" through forms that allude to architectural and biological spaces. The transformative effect collage, layering and mark making can have is explored in tandem with "how curiosity can promote paradigm shifts." Ambiguous in nature, the series seeks to establish a new means by which we see ourselves and that which surrounds us.

Following this, Garry Moore presents Thanatos- A meditation on the right to choose end of life in Gallery Two. Reflecting upon the nature of deterioration- particularly in the face of age and illness, Moore"s photographic series of floral compositions make reference to the still life paintings of seventeenth century Flanders. Intimate and poetic, Moore looks at what the ultimate end of life means to each person.

ChengLin Miao examines the act of observation in her video piece Elements. As an "antidote to our urban unawareness," Elements looks to engage and prompt the viewer to consider the spaces which we create and exist in. Here, imagery and time are constructions of reality- the act of slowness used as a device to draw pause amidst the rapidity of modern living. Found in Gallery Three, the piece invites viewers to observe and reflect in a space of quiet introspection.

Via an exchange of alternate mediums, Tina Douglas looks to transform the way in which traditional materials operate in Node. Using repurposed materials, Douglas explores how "painting, embroidery, natural surfaces trigger digital events." Both sound and visual elements combine to displace notions of what traditional materials are used for. Taking place in Gallery Four, Node challenges viewers" expectation of use as informed by conventional practice.

Finally, The Loo by Annette Chang is a satirical comment on consumer culture. The seduction of consumerism has long been a point of fascination for Chang, with found and recycled materials used to reflect the activity of buying new goods. Aiming to critique the materialism of contemporary culture, The Loo seeks to address "the role goods play in the construction of our identities."

All exhibitions will be open from 20 July to 12 August 2017, with the official opening commencing on 21 July from 6-8pm.

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