Five shows, one gallery: Alysia Rees, Anna Mcdermott, Ester Poyas, Nanou Dupuis and Noah Spivak arrive at AC

Published by: Kate Wallace | 10-May-2018
Alternating Current Art Space proudly presents the opening of five new exhibitions by Alysia Rees, Anna Mcdermott, Ester Poyas, Nanou Dupuis and Noah Spivak on 11 May at 6pm. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street Windsor, Victoria Australia 3181
Date: Exhibition Opening: 11 May 6-8pm. Exhibition Dates: 11 May- 2 June
Time: Thursday & Friday 12-7pm. Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm
Ticket: Free.
Call: 03 9525 2459"‹
The relationship that exists between self and other is explored by Alysia Rees in Together - Apart. Through a series of organic shapes paired together, Rees looks at what separates the self from and compels it toward others. While the partitioned forms fit, match and mirror one another, a separation between them persists. This sense of disconnection is further echoed within the gallery, the works physically divided by distance and space.

In "¦outgrow you, Anna McDermott examines the ways in which the body may be held, suspended or contained within fixed boundaries. Using mixed media, the installation looks to challenge how we move and interact with our surrounding environments - creating a precarious space for the viewer to navigate. McDermott comments, the work questions how we may outgrow both ourselves and that which surrounds us.'

In homage to Marina Abramovic's The Artist is Present, Ester Poyas presents a series of portraits made after participants who took part in the show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Using traditional Japanese painting techniques and tools, Poyas elicits an incredible expressiveness to each portrait through ink, muslin and recycled kimono textiles. Taking place in Gallery Three, The Artist is Still Present seeks to relay the emotive qualities of each sitter through a dialogue of mixed media.

Fluid strokes and expansive compositions form Nanou Dupuis' exhibition Unfold. As part of an ongoing investigation into the expansion of painting, Dupuis aims to intrigue viewers in looking for the how' and what' within abstract visual aesthetics. Taking place in Gallery Four, Unfold continues Dupuis' examination of process, presenting three works in three ways.'

The decisions we make and how we engage with visual art is explored in Phall is All I See by Noah Spivak. The materials that a photograph is composed of are isolated and reconstituted in ways that create 'versions of the photographic' presenting 'audiences with the distance that can exist between a physical object and a study of visual representation.' Utilizing the unique confines of The Cupboard gallery, Spivak looks to highlight this experience of intrigue and hesitation in a site-responsive installation.

All exhibitions will be open until 2 June 2018.

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