Five in Focus a Visual Indulgence

Published by: Redcliffe Art Society Inc the Old Fire Station Gallery | 29-Aug-2018
How an individual's approach to art can be inspiring, capturing the message being conveyed through this avenue of visual communication.
Venue: Redcliffe Art Society Inc the Old Fire Station Gallery
Address: 395 Oxley Avenue/Redcliffe Q 4020
Date: Wednesday 3 October to Sunday 21 October 2018
Time: 10.00am to 3.00pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 0411 828 446
Five artists featured in this exhibition show the divers use of mediums and are very focused on inspiring the viewing public with their talents.

Joy Harris wants the viewer to look closely at nature "“ papery bark, lichen clad rocks and mysterious waters enrich the senses as beauty, form, colour, light and shade mingle. She hopes the viewers as they move, from painting to painting, place themselves in the scene and become transported and immersed into the wonder of nature.

Noeleen McLucas acquires great fulfillment from her painting... from the Ink Drawings which she has produced for many years to the Pastels, which Noeleen really enjoys working with, to create beautiful floral works. Then moving on to Acrylics... which has allowed more freedom and variety working with Bark, Tissue Paper, Molding Gels and Lava Gel, adding more interest and dimension to her work. Alice Sleeman has a need to express, a desire to achieve, a want to explore nature at its best. Under the water and in the sky, on the land and in our homes. It's all around us and at other times in our hands and in our minds.

Francis Wing says, painting has always been part of my life, but circumstances, family and work have constantly placed it in the background. Since joining the Redcliffe Art Society around 17 years ago, Francis has been able to spend much more time creating artworks and enhancing her skills through workshops etc. The mediums that Francis enjoys working with are watercolour, pastel and recently, has been experimenting with alcohol inks. Francis has had her work recognised by receiving several awards over the years.

I paint because I want to capture some of the beauty and colour around me. Painting can be enjoyable and fulfilling, challenging and frustrating. Above all it is a creative outlet which enriches my life with like-minded friends.

Marcia Whyte enjoys sketching and painting but it wasn't until 2005, when Marcia joined the Redcliffe Art Society that I had the opportunity to try oils on canvas of which she now loves.

Marcia says that to turn a flat two-dimensional canvas into a three-dimensional window is a thrill. It is not a photograph as, if I wish, I can move a mountain, change the flow of a river or use unusual colours. It is up to my imagination. Awards Marcia has achieved: RASart Exhibition of Excellence 2009 & 2011, Overall Winner. 2012 2nd Overall Winner. 2010 Highly Commended. RNA''EKKA''.

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