First, Firsts

Published by: The Cross Art Projects | 6-Mar-2021
If all Men are born free, how is it that all Women are born slaves? As they must be, if the being subjected to the inconstant, uncertain, unknown, arbitrary will of Men, be the perfect Condition of Slavery? -English philosopher Mary Astell, Reflections upon Marriage Occasion'd by the Duke and Duchess of Mazarine's Case which is also consider'd, preface, 3rd ed., preface (1706)
Venue: The Cross Art Projects
Address: 8 Llankelly Place, Kings Cross 2011
Date: 6 March to 10 April 2021
Call: (02) 9357 2058
Alison Alder and Alex Martinis Roe conceive contemporary feminist practice herstorically “ an important though tricky job, with so little archival context for this work. Their feminist activism seeks to intervene in the lives of people by reaching beyond purely aesthetic concerns to seek other social spaces, and in the process creates a politics of remembrance and alliance, to coin the title of Martinis Roe's project. They address the unstable process of historical meaning, and who tells the story, for repositories of materials and information are never static entities, or even safe.

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