First appearance of Paul Kidney Experience for 2017

Published by: Neumusak | 31-Jan-2017
Paul Kidney Experience play their first show for 2017 on Sunday 5th February @ The Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar, Nth Melbourne.
Venue: The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar
Address: 238 Victoria St, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051
Date: Sunday 5th February
Om this occasion they will be frllow psych/noise joined by deciples Frostcock and Filth Wizard.

After shattering all accepted Spacetime coordinates in Sydney, the PKE have ridden the ricochets home, eager for more sonic discombobulation alongside friends Filth Wizard & FrostCock. $5 will see you through the door.

FrostCock are a Melbourne three piece band - Bass Overlord, SynthDaemon and Guitar Operator. They create post-metal garage ambient instrumental music. And some other stuff.

Filth Wizard

As he stumbled for his last drink, the filthy wizard pondered, 'I should channel some swampy, electrostatic madness to a more populated planet.' He lit a smoke and proceeded to drink as he gazed over a desolate swamp planet.

Paul Kidney Experience

"Roll over Soft Machine - this is some wild psych mayhem dig it"

"Dang Sweeeeet" "WTF! Haha. Brilliant" "Holy crap this is cool"

"I got whiplash at this gig from dancing so hard. My neck hurt for days" "What the actual fuck was that?"

"Probably sounds amazing if you are off your nut but to the rest of us it is fucking awful"

"Genius. Magnificent, soaring-and-searing psychedelic sounds of total freedom"

- Comments from Youtube

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