Published by: Drama With A Difference | 3-Oct-2017
Drama With A Difference is one of Australia"s leading, independent drama schools. With a history that spans over more than twenty years, it is the launching pad of many successful Australian actors. Our students have appeared in major and major guest roles in high profile feature films, as well as just about every Australian television series that has run during the school"s operation. Students have also obtained many ads and roles in professional theatre.
We are holding a Film and TV course, with an option to make a professional showreel. This is an ideal course for aspiring and emerging actors. If you don"t already have real footage from film and TV, some places charge thousands of dollars for a "mock up" showreel in an attempt to make a mini-movie or TV series. These showreels never look authentic, especially when competing against actors who have reams of real footage on their showreels.

As we have strong connections with the professional industry, the feedback we constantly receive is that emerging actors would be far better to put the focus on themselves in their "mocked up" showreels, and not attempt to create real sets, outdoor locations etc.. After all, they are looking at YOU and YOUR ABILITY and that is where the focus of the showreel should lie. The major point is that your acting should be good; not the surroundings and the location!

With the above in mind, we are starting a Film and TV course, where each participant will be given an appropriate scene and monologue to work on every week. They will get to view their work on film and learn how to better it from an expert in the industry. Then, those who are interested in making a showreel will be given the details of a very good camera person and editor, to have the best of their work formatted into a professional showreel that showcases their ability to act. That is where the sole focus will lie. It is, however, optional to have the showreel made. Some students may elect to do the course alone, which will still offer them great skills in Film and TV acting. The showreel involves an additional, extremely reasonable cost of approximately $200 - $250.00

The course runs every Tuesday night from Tuesday 24th October until Tuesday 19th December, and there is also a six hour workshop on Saturday 16 December. During this workshop, students will be given endless industry advice and undertake a four hour workshop with Alison Barrett - one of Australia"s most influential and experienced casting consultants. Other agents and / or casting directors will also visit throughout the course and give feedback to students and answer questions.

This course is being taught by our most experienced teachers and other industry experts. To find out more about it, please go to the following link which will give you all the dates, costs, locations etc"¦

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