Festival of Jewish Arts and Music (FOJAM) presents a special Leonard Cohen anniversary concert Ladies Who Sing Leonard' feat. Ninet Tayeb (ISRAEL), Katie Noonan, Deborah Conway, Kylie Auldist, Anita Lester, Emma Donovan and more!

Published by: This Much talent | 14-Oct-2020
It's been 20 years since I fell hard for the words of Leonard Cohen and the pictures he painted. It's also been 20 years since I wanted to make my life about music, art and poetry. This project is inspired by my (sometimes confused) Jewish heritage, the spirit of my homeland and all the sex, love and death that falls in between. Leonard Cohen taught me that art can change the lives of the people around you. “ Anita Lester, FOJAM Curator
Presented by Triple R

Immersive contemporary cultural festival, Festival of Jewish Arts and Music (FOJAM) returns in 2020, showcasing an immense spread of local and international artists through the lens of Jewish culture and identity. Following the success of its inaugural event of last year, this year's live festival has had to adapt to the current global COVID-19 restrictions and has translocated from the streets to the clouds, with its 2020 Homeward Bound online series. Continuing the celebrations of Jewish music, performance, dance, talks, storytelling and creativity, the virtual series seeks to spark discussion, empathy and curiosity through thought provoking panel discussions, live streamed performances and bespoke online events. A nod to the famed Jewish duo Simon and Garfunkel, the monthly series has been taking place over the past six months and is ready to reach its season finale with the unmissable Ladies Who Sing Leonard concert.

Coinciding with the four-year anniversary of his passing, the Leonard Cohen tribute concert will feature Ninet Tayeb (ISRAEL), Kate Ceberano, Katie Noonan, Deborah Conway, Kylie Auldist, Emily Lubitz, Gabriella Cohen, Emma Donovan, Kee'ahn, Loretta Miller (Jazz Party), Melody Pool, Imogen Clark, Alma & Hettie Zygier, Tamara Reichman (Tamara & the Dreams), Sophia Tuv and an in-conversation with Anita Lester. The impressive lineup of dynamic artists will weave Leonard's words around their own unique narratives in an immersive and transcendental tribute like no other.

We are absolutely thrilled to present this divine tribute show on the anniversary of Leonard Cohen's death. His work has had, and continues to have, such a deep impact on so many artists and people around the world. It's particularly poignant that we will work to connect through his music at a time that has left so many feeling isolated and disconnected. - Lior Albeck-Ripka, Artistic Director

I have always seen the woman beneath his stories and it was important to me, when putting a tribute together, to truly embody his work, not simply focused on who can sing the songs the best. - Anita Lester, Curator

We really want this to be an immersive experience despite the digital limitations and are hoping we can create a feeling of connection between audiences and artists. “ Lior Albeck-Ripka, Artistic Director

FOJAM launched their Homeward Bound series back in June with the hugely successful online event Unorthodox: Stories of Escape, which brought together Unorthodox author, Deborah Feldman, trans-activist and author of Becoming Eve, Abby Stein and local activist and soon to be published author Dassi Erlich, in a live panel discussion to dissect the series and their own personal journeys of exodus. Since then, the FOJAM series has clocked over 6000 online attendees on a pay what you can' basis, to create access for those, not in a position to pay for their tickets. In the series' next online experience, Ladies Who Sing Leonard will take place on Saturday 7 November via Zoom in honour of an exceptional Jewish figure and creative whose legacy has left its mark far and wide.

We know there are many in the community who want to support the arts. By choosing to purchase a ticket at a level they are comfortable with, audiences can continue to show their support for the festival and the artists. FOJAM will continue its commitment to delivering high quality events and always paying artists. - Jesse Lubitz, Festival Producer
Ladies Who Sing Leonard - A Leonard Cohen Tribute
Presented by FOJAM and Triple R
Saturday 7 November
Ninet Tayeb (ISRAEL), Kate Ceberano, Katie Noonan, Deborah Conway, Kylie Auldist, Emily Lubitz, Anita Lester, Gabriella Cohen, Emma Donovon, Kee'ahn, Loretta Miller (Jazz Party), Melody Pool, Imogen Clark, Alma & Hettie Zygier, Tamara Reichman (Tamara & the Dreams), and Sophia Tuv
Time: 8.30pm - 10pm ADST
Where: Globally via Zoom
Tickets: Pay as you can
Registrations essential via Eventbrite: www.eventbrite.com/e/125255678105
Facebook Event: www.facebook.com/events/669048780410858
More information at: www.fojam.com

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