Falling' Released to Radio The Royce Twins drop their second single Falling' from 4 Years - EP

Published by: Peter Bowman | 25-May-2018
Falling is the new song from 4 Years', to be released to radio today by The Royce Twins, Gabriel and Michael Saalfield. The Twins are Melbourne-based singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists.
Falling is already getting local and international attention. Spill Magazine in Canada says "4 Years' is a brilliant EP fill of incredible songs with strong melodies and some pretty serious and heavy lyrics."

Falling is indeed one of those songs that aren't afraid to dive deep. It's a song about reflecting on life when things have fallen apart and how you hold tightly onto the things you hold most important to get through it. The song could also be described as a man's search for meaning.

The song features great lyric hooks, satisfying builds and drops and melody that just make sense the first time you hear it. And whoever says Australia has lost its ability to write and release big challenging rock songs with epic guitar parts needs to hear Falling. Australia's proud rock tradition continues here so when you take a listen to the link below, turn up the volume. Rock is meant to be listened to loudly as it fills you and your space.

The Royce Twins are increasing their following both here and overseas with a growing following out of the USA and Canada too. Melbourne based, they continue to perform live regularly around Victoria and still manage to make it back to their home town of Mount Beauty in the northern alpine highlands of Victoria to play live too.

The Royce Twins - Biography

The Royce Twins are Gabriel and Michael Saalfield. They are Twin brothers, Gabriel older by 6 minutes. Gabriel and Michael have been singing together as long as they can remember. They grew up in musical households, and despite having challenging starts to life through losing both parents at a young age, music in their own words "kept us strong". Gabriel plays the drums and acoustic guitar. Michael plays the acoustic and electric guitars and also likes to dabble on the keyboard. Both sing. Both song write.

The Twins grew up in Mount Beauty in the alpine highlands of Northern Victoria, Australia. They began their live work around the live music haunts of Ballarat while studying at Federation University. After university the Twins moved to Melbourne to follow their musical careers.

Over this time they have continued their live performance work, playing a mix of live music venues, festivals and private events. They released their crowd funded and self-titled Debut EP in 2014. Two of the songs from the release made it to the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition "“ Heartstrings' in the singer-songwriter/folk category and Fly' in the hotly contested pop/rock category. The release also charted on the independent AIR charts. This is a great achievement for first time independent singer-songwriters. The Twins went on to release two more singles We Will Be The Rain' and Heartstrings' Unplugged.

After performing solidly since their Debut EP release, the Twins re-entered the recording studio in 2017 to record their second EP called 4 Years'. The Twins ramp up the pace like never before. The EP showcases poetic and mature lyrics matched with catchy melodies, absolutely killer vocals and the Royce trademark harmonies, wicked solos and some serious high notes to boot. Their song Picture Perfect' has just made it to the semifinals of the International Songwriting Competition in the Adult Contemporary' category.

The Royce Twins are looking to make their own mark as singer-songwriters both locally and internationally. Band

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