Faces of beauty - solo exhibition

Noemi Safir | 28-Oct-2016
The latest series of The large scale portraits paintings will be presented in EL-AL's King-David lounge at Ben-Gurion national airport Starting next week, during November and December,
"Let it be" "“ 180/130 cm "“ 2016 "“ Acrylic on canvas
Noemi Safir has painted all her life, blessed with a great sense of color and ability to draw, she has worked hard to define her artistic identity, to commit to the gifts she was given. Safir's image derives from her rich use of color taken from her varied and spectacular pallet. The large portraits of women, all beautiful, young and posed as models in life's drama, are reflections of Safir herself. They embody her struggle to accept her own independence as a woman; the acknowledgment of herself as an artist, without apologies or doubts. The larger than life size of her portraits makes the women she paints so bewitching and powerful.

The fragmentation of the image into blocks of color, and its reconstruction into a dynamic mosaic is distinctly Safir's trademark; the subject is part of the background defining itself in the abundance of blocks of color and lines. The women she brings us in her canvas are pulled from the mosaic of life's experience, their moods, identities, represent Safir's dynamic journey. It is this process of finding the balance between the object and the surrounding that has evolved into a defined language of her own, and it is this treatment of the subject that makes her work so exciting, taking us from the banal to dramatic.

Painting to her, is actually a kind of liberation, "when I put the paint on the canvas, I let go, and then, from that place I let myself look inside, and receive every day the beauty and love that are everywhere around me". "Deconstructing and reconstructing the painted character, the game of stains forcing me to go back and forth all the time, they are like the creation of life and the creation of reality. We choose to go through experiences that teach us, taste and enhance and again choose again experience and over again" she adds. In this series of portraits, it is her accomplished technique that has taken the poster image and turned the portraits into mesmerizing colorful images of female beauty, strong, emotive and contemporary visions of modern woman.

Safir's works of art have been exhibited in exhibitions and art fairs in Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Miami, NY, Australia and many other places

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