Published by: Danae Effern | 8-Aug-2017
It"s the buzz, the hype, the rising thumpthump of the heartbeat of the city, an adrenaline needle straight to the chest. It"s a meeting of the minds. A summit for the ages. K2 for the rhythm crowd. Poets write of halls of power, but here all walls are torn down, all doors flung open, a world of musical knowledge pumped straight out onto the streets.
It"s Face The Music. Back and bolder than ever for the 10th year in a row. A big milestone deserves a big party.

Last year, Face The Music lit a fire in the heart of a city, setting up a stage on the State Library Victoria steps, Melbourne Music Week"s Hub, to bring the beat back to Melbourne. Inside, music industry figures from around the world had their minds melded and molded by the industry"s most exciting and capable speakers. The books shook. The party rumbled. Let"s talk about what"s staying the same before we talk about what"s different.

The game-changing conversations, ruminations, and interrogations are back on board. The world-leading industry figures are back on board. The chances to meet your next favourite bands and business partners are back on board. This is the annual summit"s secret sauce and the recipe just keeps getting better. Nestled within Melbourne Music Week again, there"ll be plenty of music on show too.

Here"s some folks who didn"t mind it. "Face The Music was one of the highlights of my year: I met a ton of great artist and music industry professionals, listened to even more great music, and appreciated the opportunity to check out the vibrant city and culture of Melbourne." - Alex White, Next Big Sound

"My personal point of view is it was one of the best summits I have attended, fantastic focus on all levels of music and the industry with real relevance to all delegates." - Damian Cunningham, Industry Liaison Consultant for the National Live Music Office

"Face The Music was an amazing intro to the eclectic and effusive Australian music scene, and a deep dive into the buzzing city of Melbourne. I made great contacts, heard some killer bands, and ate delicious food! The Face The Music team were fantastic hosts throughout." - Andrew Jervis, Bandcamp.

And what"s changing? Let"s just say there are some surprises in store, like a brand new venue and a whole new roster of workshops, keynotes and panels. We"ll get stuck into those in the coming weeks. For now, all you need to know is Face The Music will steamroll through November 23 & 24.

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