Expresions of Interest Gallery Hire 2019 Box Hill Community Arts Centre

Published by: Kathy Fahey | 4-Apr-2018
Expressions of Interest are now open for 2019 gallery hire Box Hill Community Arts Centre.
Address: 470 Station Street Box Hill 3128 Melbourne
Web: http://bhcac.com.au/whats-on/exhibitions/
Expressions of Interest are now open for Gallery Hire 2019 at Box Hill Community Arts Centre. Applications for 2019 close 30th June. Expressions of Interest forms are available on the Box Hill Community Arts Centre website. http://bhcac.com.au/whats-on/exhibitions/

Matsudo Week Exhibition - Mokuhanga: The Tradition of Japanese Woodblock Printing

1 "“ 13 May

The City of Whitehorse has a Sister City Relationship with Matsudo, a Japanese city on the outskirts of Tokyo. The relationship was developed by the former City of Box Hill in 1971 and was continued by the City of Whitehorse in 1994, when local government in Victoria amalgamated.

The two cities participate in an active exchange program for young people, which strengthens cultural understanding and promotes friendly relations. The relationship also promotes economic development opportunities between the two countries. This exhibition is a celebration of this enduring Sister City Relationship. Mokuhanga, Japanese for wood block print', is the beautiful traditional water-based printing technique of Japan. A print is created through design, carving blocks for each colour, and then printing each colour successively until the print is completed. This exhibition features a series of Mokuhanga designed and created by local Koonung Secondary school students, guided by artist Terry McKenna from the Australian Mokuhanga School.

MAY 2018: Nell Street Painters - Moody Hues

15 "“ 27 May

Colour and technique create mood in paintings. This exhibition by the Nell Street Painters is an exploration of mediums, colour and light, and how these elements create feeling and atmosphere to be experienced by the viewer.

MAY 2018: BHCAC Artist-in-Residence Exhibition - Maria Radun

29 May "“ 3 June
Opening: Thursday 31 May, 6pm "“ 8pm

Maria Radun is an artist working primarily in oils. Her paintings explore delicate and complex narratives inspired by her personal life and the stories of others. The exhibition will consist of a series of portraits created during her residency, featuring people who have immigrated to Australia at a young age.

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