Experience a Material World at Arts Project Australia

Published by: Arts Project Australia | 5-Jul-2021
Arts Project Australia is excited to bring a multi-dimensional experience to its Collingwood Yards gallery space from Saturday 10 July to Sunday 22 August titled Material World.
Venue: Collingwood Yards Gallery
Address: 35 Johnston St, Level 1, Collingwood, VIC, 3066
Date: 10.07.21-22.08.21
Time: 2-5pm
Web: https://www.artsproject.org.au/event/material-world-apa/
Referencing personal worlds created in response to physical surrounding, the exhibition features APA artists Mark Smith, Adrian Lazzaro, Bronwyn Hack, Rosie O'Brien, Chris O'Brien, Fulli Andrinopoulos, Anne Lynch, Dorothy Berry, Matthew Gove and Terry Williams.

The featured artistic practices and works testify to the movement between “ and stark transition from “ idea and concept to visceral threads and textiles.

Co-curated by Peter Douglas and Jodie Kipps, audiences can expect a tactile multi-dimensional display that represents corporal curiosity, sexual politics, the home, possessions, consumerism and the imaginary world.

Douglas and Kipps consider the mood of the works to represent two distinct personalities: one of a grandma and one of a punk, with hopes that audiences vividly experience a duplexity between the pieces.

From controversial 'hot' topics to the everyday - Material World is a tangible textile conversation that invites others to experience and be a part of the artists very own world. We want to show the marker and the artist, to unravel for the viewer; part of the mystery behind these artist's work and their distinct processes, explains co- curators Douglas and Kipps.

Material World is the third exhibition to be presented within Arts Project Australia's inaugural program at Collingwood Yards, and the only exhibition in 2021 curated by APA's staff artists, who work closely with each represented artist in the Northcote studio. As part of APA's commitment to accessibility, the exhibition will also be presented as a virtual show during the same dates.

Mark Smith is a figurative multi-disciplinary artist who has been with Arts Project since 2007. Smith explores how the body relates to human nature and the human condition, using emotion as a starting point.

Adrian Lazzaro is known for his sinister yet humorous imagery. His character-based works primarily feature wrestlers, zombies and lovers that are depicted in a saturated comic strip colour scheme.

Bronwyn Hack is a multi-faceted artist whose works vary from sculpture to painting, printmaking and ceramics and often showcases her interest in animals, particularly dogs, as well as the body and bones.

Rosie O'Brien is an emerging artist whose vibrant use of pattern and placement of soft vessel-like flowers demonstrates her observant style, the soft palette reminiscent of spring.

Chris O'Brien is a multi-disciplinary artist who represents domestic dwellings through his painting, prints, sculptures, videos and artist zines. O'Brien has been an APA artist since 2002.

Fulli Andrinopoulos is an established artist known for her signature floating circular forms. Her works reminisce on the nature's organic processes such as birds' nests and spider webs.

Anne Lynch is also an established artist known for her use of pastel colours to exude a sense of nostalgia and memoir. Lynch has sustained her art practice with Arts Projects since 1995.

Dorothy Berry incorporates her interest in animals into her vivid and vibrant images. Symbols and signs in Berry's works often reflect her personal experience, events, beliefs or opinions.

Matthew Gove is an emerging artist working across a variety of mediums, Gove's artworks portray a quirky yet humorous matter through playful narratives that often involve animals in a ridiculous humanistic' way.

Terry Williams is an established artist well known for his soft sculptures. In creating his works, Williams adopts an immersive and idiosyncratic process that manifests his ideas into multi-faceted creations.

A creative social enterprise providing support for individuals with intellectual disabilities, Arts Project Australia is a not-for-profit organisation promoting artists work and advocating for inclusion within contemporary art practice. Since its inception, Arts Project Australia has continued to strive for excellence, both in the quality of the exhibitions presented at the Collingwood Yards space, and the quality of the innovative studio program attended by 150+ artists at their Northcote location and online (Satellite Arts).

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