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EXHIBITIONS at Photonet Gallery, Fairfield

BY susanne silver | 22-Jun-2012
THE X FACTOR: Latest photography by noted photojournalist Michael Coyne EXOTICA - photographs printed on rare papers
Nightwatchmen guarding a Christian village from raiders, Punjab, Pakistan

Documentary photography great MICHAEL COYNE has been trialling the new X-Series cameras for Fuji - and is MOST impressed by these little beauties.

Come and see his latest images, shot on the Fuji X-100 and XPRO-1 cameras at Photonet Gallery, 15a Railway Place, Fairfield (9018 3081) Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm until 30 June. EXOTICA is a collection of photographic prints on rare papers from all parts of the world. Come and see what these papers do to enhance photography - simply gorgeous!