Exhibition Opening- New works by Andrea Sinclair, David Freney-Mills, Helen Fraser, Caroline McGrath and Nanou Dupuis

Published by: Kate Wallace | 25-Apr-2017
Showcasing an eclectic display of artistic disciplines, AC proudly welcomes its next group of shows commencing at 6pm this Friday. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 Hgh Street Windsor VIC 3181
Date: 28 April- 20 May
Time: Exhibition Opening: 28 April 6-8pm. Gallery Opening Hours: Thursday & Friday 12- 7pm. Saturday & Sunday 12- 5pm.
Ticket: Free.
Web: http://www.alternatingcurrentartspace.com
: https://www.facebook.com/alternatingcurrentartspace/
EMail: info@alternatingcurrentartspace.com
Call: 03 9525 2459
Alternating Current Art Space is pleased to announce the opening of five new exhibitions by Andrea Sinclair, David Freney-Mills, Helen Fraser, Caroline McGrath and Nanou Dupuis on 28 April at 6pm.

Commencing in Gallery One, Andrea Sinclair"s paintings emerge through a haze of reverie, her subjects found in a subdued light of moments past. Titled Not Here, Not Now, Sinclair seeks to capture the in-between moments of reality, exploring dreaming as a device of escapism from the everyday. As Sinclair describes, "The dream-like and faded dimension that these works convey brings you to them through how they make you feel, not just in what you see." Despite such a lingering ambiguity to both the figures and places depicted, the uncanny sense of the familiar resides throughout.

Countering the atmospheric hues of Sinclair, David Freney-Mills explores the visual properties of words in Alchemical Text. Taking place in Gallery Two, the artist seeks to relay "the resonances that occur when a word is fragmented, repeated and overlapped." The result of such transformative processes effects both meaning and origin, expanding one"s understanding and visual processing of words. Via layered sheets of ink on Japanese Mulberry paper, Freney-Mills use of "text as a representation of matter" sees both form and meaning altered.

Following this, Mummy, I"ve Lost my Teddy examines the role objects play to placate "during times of transition, uncertainty and change." Here, Helen Fraser draws upon the psychoanalytic theory of Donald Winnicott, who coined key concepts such as "transitional objects" and "transitional experience." Exploring the relationship between childhood and adulthood, Fraser seeks to present an object"s ongoing function to comfort throughout our lives. Drawing upon her own attachment to a childhood Teddy, the artist reflects upon how "soft toys, security blankets and the like" can serve as tools to help us cope with the complexities of adulthood.

Meanwhile, the work of performance and video based artist Caroline McGrath manifests in Not Quite Right. Taking place in Gallery Four, McGrath's practice incorporates painting, drawing and installation into works that explore the 'emotional and psychological repercussions of childhood experiences and the resulting behaviours and feelings that may be carried into adulthood.' In a work that seeks to address the artist's own experience with childhood trauma, Not Quite Right explicitly confronts the ongoing effects that such trauma can elicit throughout our everyday lives.

Finally, Nanou Dupuis' site-specific work takes form in the Cupboard. Titled Iteration, Dupuis' latest installation combines elements of intuitive mark making with that of more concrete, yet organically formed structures. As the artist describes: Iteration is 'an act or process of repetition of a sequence of operation in order to get ever closer to a desired goal, in this case an ongoing learning process of linguistic and "appropriation" of an environment"s identity.' Working in tandem to that which surrounds her, the installation seeks to reconsider the role of an artwork as a current influence to an ongoing artistic practice.

All exhibitions will be open from 28 April- 20 May.

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