Exciting Mixed Media Art part of 14th International Art Exhibit at New Media Film Festival

Published by: Crystal | 3-May-2023
Spain, United Kingdom, USA & Canada are artists part of the 106 New Media Films & Content programmed at New Media Film Festival June 7 (online) and June 8th in Los Angeles. #Spain #UnitedKingdon #USA #Canada #Art #Exhibit #International #newmedia #festival
Address: 10931 W Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064 – corner of Kelton Ave. Pics online do not reflect venue, we’ll have signage.
Date: June 8 2023
Time: 6-11PM Indoor outdoor lounge, step & repeat, international art exhibit 6-7:30PM pst VIP Soiree – light refreshments. (Hollywood Glam) 7:30-10:30PM pst – Screenings with Q & A 10:30-11:15PM pst – Awards ceremony
Ticket: Various
Buy / Ticket: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/14th-new-media-film-festival-june-8-in-person-los-angeles-2138595044
Web: https://www.newmediafilmfestival.com/events
: https://twitter.com/newmediaff
: http://facebook.com/NewMediaFilmFestival
: https://www.instagram.com/newmediafilmfestival
: https://soundcloud.com/user-135482983
EMail: info@newmediafilmfestival.com
Call: 310-288-1100
Exciting Mixed Media Art part of 14th International Art Exhibit at New Media Film Festival
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International Art Exhibit in Los Angeles June 8th at New Media Film Festival
Art tells a story. For the 14th year in a row, classical and New Media artists express their vision and ideas in all modalities. Artists continually create in various forms to connect, engage, initiate humanity.

Join New Media Film Festival® June 7th online and June 8th in person to experience

14th New Media Film Festival®
June 7th Online Noon – 3 p.m. pst
June 8th 6-10:30 p.m. pst
Newly designed venue – 10931 W Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064

106 New Media films & content

37 World – 10 US – 41 L.A. Premieres

From 22 countries – Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Faroe Islands, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay

The International Artists exhibiting June 8th are:

Artist Fabio Bonvicini
Country, Spain
This digital shot shows the Empress Tarot card inspired by the Tarot of Marseille.

Artists Elle Hong & Madison Palffy
Country, USA
Two dance artists collaborate to uncover the magic behind UK pop star, Kate Bush. The two investigate embodiments and states-of-being foundational to Bush's presence in interviews and music videos; in this photo, Hong and Palffy explore Bush's sense of ethereality via wind machine. Dancing in front of a chroma key backdrop, the artists edit themselves into a dance in the heavens. This otherworldliness is juxtaposed by the presence of a single fan plugged into an outlet.

Artist Jean-Baptiste Martinoli
Country, Canada
This shot was originaly generated with MidJourney AI Art Generator using the words 'Alien Tribal Village', then other AI tools were used to change the viewing angle, enrich the colors and increase the resolution.

Artist Nikhail Asnani
Country, United Kingdom
At night our dancing ambitions emerge and we become superheroes, wanting to travel to other place and experience other things. About New Media Film Festival® New Media is an infinite catalyst for story and technology New Media Film Festival® an innovative and award-winning festival created in 2009, celebrates global stories, technology, and platforms. We continually implement new opportunities outside the norm to bolster creators in media. Through our boundary-pushing ideology, we create an environment for creators to thrive. New Media Film Festival® is an infinite catalyst for story and technology. Not just any stories, but the stories worth telling. The rationale behind the festival is clear. New Media Film Festival® continues to show its lasting power and potential to evolve – there is scope for truly groundbreaking and compelling work in the world of storytelling. The festival is designed to both discover and cultivate highly creative work from emerging and seasoned content creators. Your innovation will not go unnoticed. In fact, it will be seen by judges from Marvel, PBS, HBO, BBC, Rolling Stone, the Television Academy and more.

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