Evil horn painting

Published by: Mohammed Nagiib | 9-Mar-2016
The effects of Saudi regime on Yemen

The devil horn painting - Yemen

The painting (the devil horn) by Mohammed Nagiib,  I painted this painting meaning by the painting the Saudi Arabia government,  Also because it is device of the detection and awareness of the destruction of the spirit of all unjust and that he would see himself in my painting unravel the real human being who control the features and cruelty sins do it in Yemen, the killing of innocent people and to violations of the human .

I painted because I want him to feel disgusted when he sees them and smiles at the pleasure of the ugly painting , which carries the guilt of his sins )

As the days pass increases the sins of a the devil horn and the sins we contrast increases painting ugliness has upset a the devil horn says to himself become the ugliest have - and each end of the unjust .

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