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ESTABLISHMENT - 3 projects by artist-initiated organisations

BY Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (CAST) | 06-Jun-2012
A series of projects including exhibitions, talks, performance, publications and social gatherings. Inflight, Taxonomy and Sawtooth will each 'take over' the CAST gallery for a week to curate a gallery-based project of their choice.
Venue: CAST Gallery
Address: 27 Tasma St North Hobart 7000
Date: 8 June - 18 July 2012
Time: Gallery hours
Ticket: free
Web: www.castgallery.org
: http://www.facebook.com/castgallery
Joan Ross, Hello Sailor 2012, mixed media. Image courtesy of the artist, Dick Bett Gallery Hobart and GBK Sydney
ESTABLISHMENT was principally designed to promote thinking about different forms of exhibition and curatorship within Tasmania while providing an opportunity for artist - initiated organisations to influence the gallery programming of the institution that is CAST. The series begins with Inflight's provocative Project One. The long-running ARI marking the end of their organisation with a public wake in the CAST Gallery. One week later the Inflight Board will hold Only the Lonely, a discussion event focusing on the many lives and deaths of artist - run operations. Taxonomy Publishing will engage in a concentrated period of development, visioning and reflection. Scot Cotterell and Pip Stafford will use ESTABLISHMENT to design and output ILK, their first magazine. The Sawtooth team approached ESTABLISHMENT as a way to examine what their organisation might look like as a holistic aesthetic survey exhibition. They arrived at the term 'clean-grunge', a hybrid of the archetypal artist-run unpolished DIY aesthetic mixed with a professional clean look. Clean Living brings together the work of fourteen individuals and two groups of artists from Sawtooth's past and future program of exhibitions. A catalogue exploring all three projects as well as the complex relationships between artists, artist-initiated organisations and established institutions such as CAST will be published post project.