Erin Conron “ Intersect, 3 June - 20 June 2021

Published by: Beaver Galleries | 28-May-2021
Erin Conron forms beautiful blown glass vessels where the glass is used as a canvas for layered complex linear patterns. Her new work examines the intersection of separate parallel planes. As she says, On a conceptual level the horizontal plane is the visible, tangible, form based exterior world. The vertical is non-visible, separate from space and time, the private inner space. Through repeated simplicity I create complexity, energy and movement, allowing the viewer to experience the work from different perspectives and inviting reflection and contemplation.
Venue: Beaver Galleries
Address: 81 Denison Street, Deakin, ACT, Australia, 2600
Date: 3 June - 20 June 2021
Time: Tues-Sun 10am-5pm
Ticket: Free
Call: (02) 6282 5294
On the surface of her immaculate blown glass vessels, Erin Conron etches a matrix of precise lines. A philosophically-oriented artist, Erin is interested in the intangible forces that underpin our everyday lives; the invisible blueprint that structures the cycles, rhythms and patterns of life. By transposing directional lines upon her spherical forms, Erin aspires to give these invisible forces a visible expression. After painting each of her glass vessels with enamel, she uses a variety of hand held tools to scratch directly into the surface. Given the way that Erin places her lines so close together, she creates a spectacular moiré effect creating the illusion of movement on the surface of her work. This uncanny visual effect, created from static lines, gives a palpable sense of the cosmic energy and invisible forces that Erin urges us to see.

Erin Conron completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts, with a major in glass, at the Canberra School of Art in 2007 and her honours year in 2008. Since graduating, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Canberra, Sydney and Germany. In 2008, she was a finalist in the Ranamok Glass Prize and in 2012 was awarded the McGrath Emerging Artist Award from the Capital Arts Patrons Organisation. Most recently, she was a finalist in the 2017 Hindmarsh Prize for glass. Erin's work is in Wagga Wagga Art Gallery's National Art Glass Collection as well as the European Museum of Modern Glass, Coburg, Germany and the Kaplan-Ostergaard Glass Collection, Palm Springs Art Museum, USA.

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